Textured Fiberglass Thermal Insulation Cloth Tape

Textured fiberglass mesh tapes are used for thermal insulation protection with high temperature resistance up to 550Co. It is woven from E-glass or C-glass bulk yarn.

1) Thickness:0.13mm, 0.2mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm ,0. 8 - 6. 0mm
2) Width: 10mm to 60mm,50mm, 100mm (other Width available upon request)
3) Roll length: 30m (other Roll length available upon request)
4)Rated Voltage: 220
5)Tensile Strength: 2000
6)Color: white,black

We can supply textured fiberglass ladder tape, fiberglass insulation tape for electric equipment.

Textured Tape of Fiberglass with Heat Insulation Property to 538 °C, Width: 2" , Thickness: 1/8", Roll length: 30m.

PTFE coated adhesive insulation tapes, offering good thermal resistance, excellent insulating, and corrosion resistance. Used for wrapping and banding material for transformers, electric motors and cables.
General size:
Tape Thickness (mm): 0.100±0.010, 0.170±0.015
Tape Width(mm): 20, 25, 50

E Class Fiberglass Close Woven Mesh Tape for Furnace Thermal Inuslation, 0.25 mm thickness, supplied at 12, 20, 25, 50mm roll width, with a general 30 m to 100 m length.

Further treatment and reinforcement:
1) Treatment: JPS9383, JPS9480, JPS9995,
JPS9649, JPS9957, JPS9752
2) Coating: Silicone rubber, PTFE, aluminum foil, graphite, etc.
3) Reinforcement: Stainless steel, brass wire, inconel wire, nickel wire

E-glass fabric electronic alkali free texturized fiberglass cloth/0.5mm


Features of Glass Fiber Cloth Insulation Tape

With imported good quality glass cloth as the bottom material, glass cloth textured woven tape enjoys characteristics of excellent anti-pull intensity, anti-friction, anti-high temperature, anti-impregnant, insulating, and anti-flaming, etc. It may reaches different anti-temperature grades by different sticky agent combination, and widely used for electrical insulation of motor, electrical appliance packing and fetching line of dry-type transformer.

Fiber Glass Insulation Cloth Tape has been awarded the certification of American UL Authentication and recognized as fireproof material by UL510.

PTFE glass cloth silicone adhesive tape

Double side glass cloth ptfe adhesive insulation tape 0.13mm 0.18mm

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