Self Adhesive Bitumen Sealing Tape for Water Proof Building Construction Projects


Sealing Tapes available in two finishes - bright aluminum or HDPE.

Roofing Building Material Specially applied in the chemical factory, garment factory, granary.

Adhesive bitumen waterproofing sealing tape consists of a reflective aluminum foilcoated with a thick layer of rubber modified bitumen. The bitumen sealing tape is protected by a tough, tear resistant liner and designed with aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive.


Water resistant sealing tape is an important guarantee water proofing material for the industrial and civil building roofing, underground, swimming pool, tunnel, wooden & metal roofing;

Also used sealing around pipes and tanks, repairs to weatherproof enclosures, sealing over wood, concrete brick most metals and some plastics;

Vehicle/ships maintenance and repair, Hatch cover sealing,Sound damping;

Flashing & Sealing to felt asphalt and bitumen surfaces, flashing of conservatories and porches, roof skirtings and parapet joints, sealing of roof light, windows,door,vents, pipes, and other openings, repair bandage for gutters and roofs, sealing glazing bars, cappings and protective coverings.


Store the rolls in dry conditions with +5 dg --- 25 dg with original packaging. Shelf-life approximately 12 months
Do not expose to petrol, white spirit, paraffin and similar organic solvents which will dissolve the bitumen.

Surface Treatment

Surfaces must be clean of dirt loose material, grease and oils. Rough or porous surfaces must first be treated with Bitumen Primer.

1. Thickness : 1.2/1.5/2/3/4mm
2. Length : 10/15/20m or as requirement
3. Width : can be cut as requirement
4. Cover : PE,sand,aluminum fime,schist
5. Main material : APP/SBS modified bitumen

                 Soluble content (g/m2)≥ 3mm 2100
4mm 2900
5mm 3500
Test  No flame No flame
                 Heat resistance  °C 90 105
≤mm 2
Test  No flow no dropping
Low temperature flexibility°C -20 -25
No crack 
Impermeability 30 minutes 0.3Mpa 0.2Mpa 0.3Mpa
                Tension  Maximum (N/50mm)≥ 500 350 800 500
Test No crack no apart 
                Elongation  Maximum %≥ 30 40
Secondly-Maximum %≥
Oil leaking  Pieces ≤ 2

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