Cross Weave Adhesive Fiberglass Filament Mesh Tape

Cross Woven Fiberglass Tape is a kind of bi-direction filament tape reinforced with fiber glass. Hot-melt tape. The tape material is a PET and fiber composition, coated with high viscosity glue. It remains good adhesion at a wide temperature range: a general short-term temperature 100 and a long-term temperature at 80.

We provide the following products:
Reinforced strapping fiberglass cross weave filament tape;
Closed Woven high-strength filament reinforced tape with mesh fiberglass yarn for marine uses;
Heavy duty fixing high adhesion filament fiberglass adhesive tape;
Alkali resistance cross weave filament tape for drywall plastering;
Pet bi-directioanl cross weave fiberglass filament tape;
Double side cross weaving fiberglass tape applied to up to 550 degree.

Closed Woven Fiberglass Tape
7.875 oz / sq.yd;
2" roll width;
0.007" mesh thickness;
Max temperature: 600 C;
Roll length: 50 yards;
Tensile strength: 50 N/mm

PET cross weave fiberglass filament tape


Double Sided Cross Weave High Performance Fiber Glass Filament Tape for Carton Sealing

Bi Direction Mesh Tapes
Fiberglass Fabric Cross Weave: Fibreglass mesh grating 0.5mmx0.5mm with double sided tape on both sides.

Calcium Silicate Coated Fiberglass Woven Tape
Size: 1/8” thickness x 3” width x 30 meter roll length
Temperature: up to +550 degree Celsius


Cross Weaved Glass Fiber Tape Backed with PET/BOPP Film

Adhesive Tape Backed with Fiber Glass Mesh for Plastic Strapping
Woven from wire mesh fiberglass yarn, the sealing tape has very good resistance to abrasion, it will not tear the articles to be sealed, will not cause any loosening or deforming of the objects served.
48mmx50m Cross Weaved Tape for Spain Market
Non-Alkali Cross Weave Fiberglass Tape 0.25 mm in thickness, 12, 20, 25 mm width, 100 m/roll.

Features and Uses: Cross weave fiber tape has a strong viscosity and high tensile strength, making a versatile adhesion on various materials including rubber, PP/PE,PET/PBT and general plastics. Leaves no adhesive residue, insulation and so on. Remains good adhesion at wide temperature range (depends on the nature and the weight of the sealing materials) . Cross-weave fiberglass filament tape is an ideal sealing material for bundling and strapping heavy goods, security pallets and reinforcement of shipping cartons.

General Specification and Technical Details
Specifications: Jumbo roll specifications: 1040(1,020mm usable) x 1,000 meters
Color: transparent
Tape Backing: PET film
Silicone: Acrylic
Fiber Type: Cross fiber/Straight line fiber
Reinforcement: fiberglass yarn
Adhesive type: hot melt pressure sensitive
Total Fabric thickness: 0.15 ±0.01mm
Peel adhesion: 40 ±5n/25mm
Tensile strength: 1,000n/25mm
Holding power: >72 hours
Elongation: 3%

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