Drywall Joint Tapes

Drywall joint tape is woven with C-glass fiberglass and is treated with a coating and contact adhesive material. The products use woven fiberglass mesh as base material, coated with acrylic acid copolymer liquid, then clean cut into different width and length tape. The chemical stability and no oxygenated property of fiberglass make the tapes outperforms other materials. Drywall joint tape help solves most concrete wall and ceiling problems like wall crakes, plasterboard joints, wall holes, etc. Also called drywall joint tape, or plaster tape.

60g And 65g Reno Weave Fiberglass Mesh Tape Material

We offer drywall plastering mesh tapes of following sizes for Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and other market:

Drywall joint tape 5*5mm alkali resistant fiberglass mesh tape;
8*8 fiberglass drywall joint tape;
Self adhesive fiberglass drywall joint tape;
50mm wide white color fiberglass drywall joint tape waterproof drywall fiber tape;
Nonwoven fiberglass tape, non-perforated and perforated 5 cm x 25 m;
Nonwoven fiberglass tape, water vapour permeability, non-perforated 5 cm x 25 m;
Fiberglass mesh drywall tape, self-adhesive, white 5 cm x 25 m and 5 cm x 90 m;
Self adhesive fiberglass mesh drywall joint tape 9*9 65gsm;
8*8/9*9 65gr/m2 drywall cracks self adhesive fiberglass mesh joint tape;
20cm*20cm self adhesive drywall joint tape.

Adhesive Drywall Plastering Mesh Tape, of alkali resistant fiber mesh, fire resistant, corrosion resistant, not easily torn.

90g 4x5mm alkali resistant fiberglass mesh tape for externall wall joint plastering, export to USA

This drywall tape is widely used in joining plaster plates, mending drywall cracks and piecing together and making up different kinds of plates. It goes on faster, adheres better, and requires no pasting or stapling. It won"t tear, shrink, stretch or bubble, while it hides joints, cracks and holes permanently. Jumbo rolls available. OEM are welcome.

Common specification:
•Mesh: 9×9, 8×8 mesh etc;
•Weight/m2: 70g-80g;
•Length/roll: 45m, 50m, 90m,153m or 200m;
•Width/roll: 50mm or 100mm;
•Colors: White, blue, green and other colors;
•Special products are available according to requirement of customers.

Product Size / Rolls/carton
50mm×20m(2"×65")/ 72
50mm×45m(2""×150")/ 54
50mm×90m(2""×300") /24
50mm×153m(2""×500") /24
45mm×20m/ 72
45mm×45m /54
45mm×90m /24

Self Adhesive Fiber Glass Joint Tape

Fiberglass joint tape rolls 5*5mm alkali resistant fiberglass mesh
Fiberglass Tape for Drywall Plastering Joint in Roof Construction
Mesh Size:9X9
Weave Type:Twill Woven
Yarn Type:C-Glass
Color:white , yellow , blue , orange.
Adhesive:Self adhesive
Weight/m2:60g, 65g,70g, 75g
Regular Size:50mmX45m, 50mmX90m.