Non Alkali Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh: EIFS Mesh, Plaster Mesh

Fiberglass mesh is mainly used in the wall constructions (insulation EIFS system, EPS board, gypsum board, bitumen reinforcing).

Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh
75g alkali-resistant reinforced eifs fiberglass mesh for wall reinforcing used in interior wall insulation finishing and external wall insulation to reinforce cement, stone, wall materials, roofing, and gypsum etc.

Fiberglass mesh owns high strength, good cohesion and can well combine with EPS board firmly. Fiberglass mesh is resistant alkaline material among the building material, it can be used to prevent the walls from cracking and reinforce walls stress resistance and impact resistance. Fiberglass mesh is an ideal material for building engineering. It is widely used for waterproofing in roofing applications, and Exterior Insulation Finishing System(EIFS), also known as EIFS mesh.

EIFS Fiber Mesh Sizes:
Mesh Size :4x4mm,5x5mm,10x10mm.
Color: white, blue, orange, green
Width: 1000mm or as agreement with a customer
Roll length: 50m or as agreement with a cut.

Fiberglass plaster mesh rolls:
Material: E-glass or C-glass
Color: white(standard), blue, green and others
Weave: Leno
Weight: 75-160g/sqm
Mesh Counts: 6x6mm, 5x5mm,4x4mm
Width: 1m
Roll length: 50m or custom

Fiberglass mesh works effectively as reinforcing elements for inside and outside plastering work. This facade mesh fabric can eliminate small cracks and surface pressure deformation when  scattered throughout the interior stucco layer of the wall. Also called as Plaster Mesh.

Drywall Plaster Mesh
160g/165g, 4*4/5*5 plaster fiberglass netting
Anti-Crack Fiber Netting Cloth
Density 145g, 4 x 4 mesh reinforcing fiber mesh

Non Alkali Fiberglass Mesh for Mortar Wall Reinforcement Againt Shrinkage:

Interior Wall Reinforcing and Mending Fiber Mesh Rolls
When used as insulator layer, fiber mesh netting can endure  shrinkage and temperature changes by providing a space between the layers, hence prevent cracks and ruptures that may caused due to shrinkage or temperature change of the building.

Size: 150mm x 50m
Mesh: 8mm x 8mm
Weight: 135 gram/m2
Coating: coated with acrylic resin for full length
(resin content 20 – 25%)
Dia of f/g mesh: warp – 134 x 2 tex, weft – 360 tex

Description of Goods Alkali resistant fiberglass mesh Specification 5×5mm 125g/m2
Mesh(warp×weft) 5mm×5mm Application interior light
Weight(gs/m2) 125g/m2 range of weight 97122-128g/m2
Warp 100tex Weft 350tex
Before coat 105/m2±5% Before coat 125g/m2±5%
Resin Content(%) 16%±2%    

Non alkali fiberglass mesh netting is mainly processed into following tapes:
Plaster Drywall Tapes;
Self Adhesive Fiberglass Tapes;
Mosaic Reinforcing Tapes.