Welcome to the RFS Industries web site. RFS is a leader in the production and export of fiberglass self-adhesive tape for drywall plastering and other uses located in China.

Our quality self-adhesive fiber glass tape is made of coated fiberglass mesh fabrics and has the following features:
1. Good performance of alkaline-resistance
2. High tensile strength and deformation-resistance
3. Excellent self-adhesive performance
4. Simple and easy to be applied

Fiberglass self-adhesive tape offered by RFS Industries is mainly used in repairing the crack and joints or holes of drywall, plasterboard, stucco; and repairing other damages in other wall surface.

Please take a moment to browse our website, find out more about our fiberglass mesh tape, drywall tape, self-adhesive tape and other tape products and see what we can offer for your import needs.

Our emphasis is on technically superior products, supported by technically proficient staff and technologies. We have expertise in all forms of fiberglass mesh tape and series products for specific uses offered in various shapes and sizes. Contact us for more information now.

Cross Weaved Fiberglass Tape

New! Cross Weave Fiberglass Tape for Bundling and Strapping. A kind of bi-direction reinforced filament tape backed with fiberglass on the base material of PET. Hot melt sealing tape. Good abrasion resistance and high strength. Suitable for heavy goods bundling and package reinforcing. Working at a wide range of temperature. Leaves no glue residue and no deforming of the packed materials. Newly exported Cross-Woven Fiber Tape to Spain size: 48mmx50m. Learn more.

Weld Backing TapeFiberglass Weld Back-up Tape: A kind of Heat resistant aluminium foil tape with woven fiberglass mesh as center strip to eliminate or reduce the need for back purging during welding. Attaches to the backside of the weld area and supports the weld pool, keeps the argon gas surrounding the weld pool.

Our specification for Kuwait market: Minimum size: Width of aluminum foil tape is 2.5”, width of fiberglass mesh center strip is 1”, the roll Length is 12 Meter. The total tape width of 3” with 1” of fiberglass center adhesive strip is also popular. Custom size welcome. 2015 New Products. Export for Kuwait and Other Markets.  We also supply individually fibre woven mesh for making of the welding tape. Learn more.
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